Bunker Refurbishment Methodology (BRM)

Creating the Highest form of Security, Survivability & Availability for your Organization

Non of us expects a Nuclear bomb these days. But when you take a good look at our Cold-War nuclear Bunkers you understand why they can resist any form of man-made- or Natural Disaster 'by nature'.

With walls up to five meters thick reinforced concrete they are able to secure your Operations during any major event.

  • Using Military Cold-War Nuclear Bunkers
  • Protecting your Mission Critical infrastructures
  • Combating State-sponsored espionage
  • Providing EMP/TEMPEST/EMI/HEMP/RF Shielding
  • Ensuring your Operations during any major event
  • Excluding the effects from (Natural-)Disasters

A path to a secured operation...

It all starts with the selection of a nuclear bunker that is available for your specified needs. We have over 20 European locations to select from. There are several large Nuclear Bunkers directly available in the Netherlands, Germany and the UK.

After selection we will provide a complete solution. Historical context, 3D-Models, Utility-plan, Refurbishment-plan and a strait time-line for the realisation of the project.

Bunker Applications are suitable for:

-    Government Facilities
-    Security Operation Centers (SOC)
-    Network Operation Centers (NOC)
-    Datacenters
-    Secured money- or Art Storage

Nuclear Bunkers with Military-Grade Security resulting in 10 Security layers before anyone can enter the primary rooms or utilities.

The highest form of Security in the market today. Suitable for both Government and Enterprise needs.

Ready for the highest norms and standards up to NATO/EU classifications 'SECRET' and 'TOP-SECRET'.

Protection against any form of 'Man-Made' or Natural-Disaster.

Erathquakes, Hurricanes, Floods, Tsunami's, Terrorism, Nuclear events or Volcanic eruptions. Disasters won't have any effect on your operations within these bunkered facilities.

Providing EMP (Electro Magnetic Pulse-) shielded environments, protecting against Solar-flares and EMP-based weapon systems.

Our Bunker Refurbishment Methodology is based on Cold-War tactics and 'lessons learned' from this period. This means all bunkers will be functional for three weeks, completely cut off from the outside world.

The Bunkers have an Emergency-Power facility for three weeks. Staff can work, sleep and live within the Bunker during catastrophic events.

All connections, utilities and fall-back (communication-)systems are based on a N+1 or 2N redundant setup.

What you need to know about Disaster-Proof Solutions™

Unique Bunker Know-how

Over 20.000 hours of bunker-research, study- and expertise. Visiting well over 200 bunkers and refurbished the first bunker within budget and time. Key knowledge about; EMP-shielding and NBC-Protection.

A Proven Methodology

The Bunker Refurbishment Methodology describes in detail the way to refurbish nuclear bunkers (or build new ones) into State-of-the-Art Facilities like Operation- or Datacenters and the way to build a strong resilient network between them ('Twin-bunker-concept').

Secured Online Environment

Providing in a Secured Online environment to be used by our partners and clients to collaborate with our management and execution-teams.


Our small managementteam consists out of former Military- and Intelligence Officers. They have 'security' in their bones and think in 'worst-case scenario's', always providing the best Solutions.

Our Responsibilities

Protecting our societies most valuable assets, your vital infrastructures. That's our responsibility and our mission.

Investor Relations

Our investors enjoy a Return on Investment, exeeding their expetations. We maintain quarterly meetings, always held in one of these unique bunker facilities. We keep our investors close to our core-Business.


Our company is build on strong partnerships. Not only with our suppliers, but mostly with our clients. Working with their most valuable assets makes us a trustworthy partner to build upon. Dedicated to each other's goals and mission!

Full Service Provider

From the acquisition of a Bunker, through the refurbishment process, to an excellent final result with life-time support. We offer a Full-Service concept.

Our Capabilities

Read more about our unique capabilities and see what we can do for your Organization

Our core values...


Trust is the belief and confidence in the integrity, reliability and fairness of any person within our organization.


An essential human value that quantifies and defines our interdependance in relationships with others, our partners.


A basic rule that we use in all aspects of our Business. We don't talk about our clients or locations. 'Need-to-Know' is one of our fundemental principles.


Transparency is our organization being upfront and visible about the actions it takes, and whether those actions are consistent with our values.


We are dedicated to your cause. Providing a service that you can build on, 24/7/365.


Protecting our societies most valuable assets, your vital infrastructures. That's our responsibility and our mission.

Why do you still work on a costly 'Disaster-Recovery' solution?