Sell your Nuclear Bunker

We offer a complete range of services to sell your Bunker-property

The decision to sell a nuclear bunker is dependent on many factors. There are many questions you need to ask yourself. Should you use the service of or do it alone, sale by owner? What price should you ask for your bunker-property?

Experiencing multiple bunker-sales, we can help you determine the value of your property and sell it fast to the right buyer.

  • Ensuring a High Market Value
  • FREE Valuation & Market Report (including full 3D-model)
  • Selected potential Buyer(s)
  • Ensuring you the highest price
  • Quick handling of all transactions

About Selling your Bunker...

Today, 9 out of 10 visitors will come and look at your bunker-property not to buy, but simply just to get a chance to see such an masive structure. Sellers before did put their bunkers on the Market, just to take it off again within a few weeks.

Another issue with selling a nuclear bunker is the complex determining of its fair value. Something that is only possible when great knowledge of bunkerconstructions and the 'bunkermarket' is involved. In all other cases its up to whom you have in front of you.

For one person its a location of great value, a true jewel. For the other its just a big pile of concrete with lots of costs to take it away or build something 'around' it. With you won't have those issues.

We offer a free Comparative Market Analysis report that includes the prices of similar bunkers in Europe that recently sold or are currently for sale.

If you have questions, we guarantee you professional ethical and confidential service and to keep you fully informed every step of the way.

Visiting well over 200 nuclear Bunkers in the last five years, guiding multiple bunker-sales and owning a few bunkers ourselves, we are the right party to support your sale.

If you are thinking of selling your bunker-property, our property report can help you better understand the estimated value of your bunker.

Provide your details to us and you will receive a FREE Bunker-property report containing the sold prices of bunkers similar to yours, plus estimated property prices for yours.

Sell your bunker within one month...

-   We will visit your location, ensuring we have a clear view;
-   Within one week you will receive our Valuation & Market Report
-   Within one week you will receive an estimated price for your bunker
-.  We will promote the offering within a selected group of trustees;
-   We will deliver the offers within two weeks after the Report is finished;
-   Within one month you can sell your bunker to the new owner.

It all starts with you reaching out to us. Let us know what your plans are and let us plan a visit to your location.

Since we are active in this business, and we work from a bunker on a daily basis, sending us an email is the most convenient (since mobile phones don't work in most Nuclear Bunkers) form of communication.

You can reach us at:

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